Common Complications:

Your driver picked up a nail in a tire and now the tire is leaking air…

Does he have a gauge or alarm on the dash to warn him?

The tire is low, overloaded and heating up quickly…The pressure will soon skyrocket and explode!

Does he have the skill to drive through it? .... How much damage will happen to the truck?

How much will it cost to sit for hours waiting for a service truck repair?

SUPER-AIR OBTIS has the solution to fix these problems and many more. It will pay for itself every single day, over and over again.
What does SUPER-AIR OBTIS do?

Maintains tire pressure through the control unit providing full tire life, which results in:

  • Significant fuel savings
  • Safer driving conditions (as shown by numerous studies)
  • 2-5% gain in fuel economy
  • 20%+ gain in tire life
  • Virtual elimination of road side service calls and shredded tires
  • Service call estimated costs of $1250.00 not including time, tires and damage to vehicle
  • No more worries about your driver checking the tires daily
  • No paying a mechanic to kneel in the dirt checking and filling tires (The OBTIS controls the preset PSI.) 

How does SUPER-AIR OBTIS work?

In case of loss of pressure, the SUPER-AIR OBTIS network sets off an audible and visible alarm, warning the driver of leakage in the tires.

The driver opens the valve on the controller and air begins to flow to the tire compensating for the leak and allowing the driver to continue to a safe destination.

SUPER-AIR OBTIS unit will keep proper tire pressure in all tires providing even tire wear, maximizing the tires life span and decreasing the risk of tread separation or other tire failure, which in turn reduces the risk of accidents on the road.