The CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) is the technological response to guarantee the reduction of costs and improve safety in urban or rural Transit/Transportation operations and Personal Transport/Travel. The CTIS maintains the ideal tire pressure, emptying and filling electronically according to its load and pavement The CTIS has the ability to intervene to calibrate the pressure whether the vehicle is moving or standing Correct tire pressure reduces fuel consumption and increases tire life and eliminates vehicle and driver vibration damage CTIS Benefits Increased tire life by up to 30% Reduces fuel consumption due to control and elimination of unnecessary trawls Reduces mechanical stress on any type of pavement Lowers vehicle operating costs due to lower number of vibration damage; fewer tire repairs changes Increases mobility of the vehicle allowing transit, even in previously limiting situations like greater moisture in the soil Reduces driver fatigue and medical complaints Increases traction according to the load and the type of pavement Increases efficiency of the brake system, reducing braking distances Improves vehicle stability for the correct load and at the right speed
    SUPER-AIR CTIS Going off road with your truck? With SUPER-AIR you will have the ability to lower your tire pressure, gain flotation and traction in sand, mud or snow! SUPER-AIR IS ALREADY used by many in logging, agricultural, construction and service vehicles Enjoy an improved ride, reduce tire damage, save fuel, tires and equipment Make your truck act like a 6X6 for a fraction of the cost Readily adaptable to any vehicle Manual adjustability and manual isolation Get the most out of your truck and equipment, a must for OFF/ROAD if you go through sand, mud or soft ground Make your truck or equipment into an UNSTOPABLE OFF / ROAD MACHINE and have the ability to go anywhere you need! An economical alternative to all wheel drive at a fraction of the price Easily installs on Heavy Hauling Trucks, Dump Trucks, Concrete Mixers, Utility Trucks, Service Vehicles, Combines, Spray Buggies, Slurry Tankers, Pump Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Crane Trucks, Flat Beds, Refrigerated Trucks and so much more… Customized to your Specifications
  3. Truck Driver Benefits
    Truck Driver Benefits
    Are your drivers checking daily tire pressure as required by law? How much time do you pay a mechanic to check tire pressure and air up? Do you want to buy tires for an emergency road service call? Do you want to pay for a high priced service call or your driver's sitting time on the highway waiting for service? Or Do you want to save $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 on every truck you own? The SUPER-AIR (CTIS) is designed to compensate for air lost due to puncture, osmosis or slow leak in tires; Which in turn optimizes fuel economy, tire life and provides safe efficient travel to your destination. SUPER-AIR is in use in over 5 Continents and used in over 500,000 vehicles World Wide! SUPER-AIR is tested and proven in all conditions; Swamps, Mountains, Highways, Mud, Sand, Snow, Ice Rain and More for over 20 years! Your Truck or Fleet Can’t Afford to Wait one more day. Start Saving Today!!!!